I was recently given a task to come up with something to represent ‘Evolution’. Straying away from the typical ‘Charles Darwin’ theory of evolution, I decided to take a more scientific approach looking at the change of states in water i.e. from liquid to solid; forming ice.

The hardest part in this short film was not the timelapse photographing/filming of ice, but more so to make the ice look pure. Water/Ice is by far the most inconsistent material that I have worked with. More so than the Molten glass used in my OurGlass of Cockington documentary. Compared to my initial test video, the ice is far clearer and much closer to what I initially visualised.

The lighting is fairly basic consisting of a cheap LED light panel kit which on its high setting provided just enough light to illuminate the ice crystals that formed.

The soundtrack played a major part in this video.  I actually sampled my voice saying ‘Evolution’ and was able to mix it in time using an iphone application called Gyrosynth.  The result is a very unsettling, personified soundtrack that gives an impression of both growth and towards the end, death.

Behind the scenes

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