Drift Allstars 2012 (Round 4: Romania) video now live!

Last month, working with Aatomotion, I toured Romania & Hungary with the Drift Allstars team with the sole aim to shoot “Slow motion dogs, unnecessary sun flares and hot girls.  Oh and some drifting”.  I filmed all the slowmo stuff using my Sony FS700 and various lenses (my fav and most useful being the Canon 100-400mm 4.5-5.6 IS whilst using a Metabones adapter).  Vince Knight did a great job on what he calls the ‘full bullshit edit’ – Interesting terminology!

This was my first experience filming drift cars and I learnt a lot about the motorsport as well as met loads of cool people and racing drivers.  Although very different countries, Romania and Hungary shared one thing in common – bloody hot temperatures!

Below is the first of the vids ‘Round 4: Romania’, stay tuned for Round 5!

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