The Making of John Mayer’s ‘Born & Raised’ Artwork

Several years ago, I created a short profile documentary about UK based David A. Smith; a traditional sign-writer specialising in high quality ornamental hand-crafted reverse glass signs and decorative silvered and gilded mirrors.

David recently produced a wonderful turn-of-the-century, trade-card styled Album Cover for popular American singer/songwriter John Mayer. ‘Born & Raised’ is the fusion of Mayer’s exceptional blues/rock music and Smith’s outstanding designs.

My new film captures the ‘Behind The Scenes’ creation of the ‘Born & Raised’ and ‘Queen of California’ artwork, as well as 2 unique reverse glass panels, hand-crafted in England by David A. Smith.

Also available on YouTube here

A special thanks goes out to John Mayer for the web-chat interview as well as Sony Music & Columbia Records for providing the instrumentals and licensing music from Mayer’s fantastic new album.

John Mayer's Born & Raised Album Cover by David Smith


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13 thoughts on “The Making of John Mayer’s ‘Born & Raised’ Artwork

  1. Being in print and signage myself I am in awe of David Smith’s work.
    A true professional in every sense of the word and a craftsman of exquisite quality.
    Beautifully shot, well documented and a pleasure to watch.
    Thank you.

  2. This is truly one of the most amazing projects I’ve ever had the joy of watching unfold. Thanks so much for sharing it. I am inspired. I got my start in art by a sign writer named Mr. Collier 45 years ago when my twin brother and I were in 5th grade. I felt that old wonder and joy surface as I watched this. 

  3. I can’t decide if Dave’s work inspires me to do more with my art or… just throw in the towel! I haven’t seen this kind of dedication since I was young and was hanging around with the Letterheads in my area.

  4. This is fantastic! I’m out of words… WOW! He’s a real artist and craftsman to his fingertips… I’m a sign writer my self and I have tried some of these techniques… But this is WAY out of my league :-)

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