My name is Danny Cooke, I work as a Freelance Filmmaker, Director, Editor & Cinematographer.  Here is my showreel.

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If a project is too big for an individual, I have experience in directing a team of people and the on-screen talent.  As a director, I have a first-hand understanding of the roles of the cinematographer and editor which helps achieve the best possible results.

Cinematographer & Lighting Cameraman

As a cinematographer, the image is the heart and soul of the film.  I operate primarily on a RED Camera, but have experience with a large array of camera systems from small form factor up to high end systems such as ARRI.   I also have additional support kit, such as 360 motion control rigs for dynamic time-lapses and experience with steadycam or MoVI, DJI Ronin gimbal rigs.

Aerial Cinematographer

I can operate a range of drones from DJI, or work alongside as a dual operator team as a camera op with the Inspire 2 Drone/UAV with 5.2K Camera and RAW Cinema DNG or ProRes capability. I am fully insured with a drone specific insurance. View my Aerial showreel here.


Editing can make or break a film.  It is the key to an emotive piece that can connect with the viewer.  I have editing experience with basic colour correction from TV and web commercials to documentary or music videos. Whilst using the Final Cut Pro or Adobe CC suite, my system is able to edit and view 8k content natively.  Essential for high-end delivery.

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