Ralph Lauren – Woven from History

I directed and filmed this shoot at the Magee mill, Donegal Ireland for Ralph Lauren.  Locally-sourced yarns are transformed into the signature herringbone tweed used to craft the RL67 jacket from Polo.

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Tattoo Tales

Tattoos can reveal personal stories, represent shared history and identity, as well as showcase artistry—or sometimes they just are what they are! Filmed & Directed by: Danny Cooke Edited by: Ed Moorhouse Executive Producer: Mischa Eligoloff Produced By: Billie Hoare

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A Day in the Life of an Arborist

A day in the life of arborist Jonathan Bellamy as he fells a diseased tree in Dartmoor, England. Client: Travel Channel Production: Original Concept Productions Director: Danny Cooke Editor: Ed Moorhouse

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How Alcohol is Made Mini-Series

Ever wondered how your favourite alcoholic beverages are made?  I directed and filmed a mini-series in collaboration with Original Concept Productions for Travel Channel.  These films showcase a day in the life of four of the world’s most popular drinks being made.  Wine, Gin, Vodka and Ale!

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Travel Channel – Wild Travels Mini Series

I directed and filmed a series of wild travel shorts for the Travel Channel. The brief was to produce short form content that was exciting, fresh and reflects the programming and the positioning of the channel. The name “Travel” is associated with holidays, guides etc. but Travel Channel are more […]

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Dive in.

‘Dive in.’ captures the fleeting moment when plunging into water. It was filmed on location at Shoalstone Sea Pool in Brixham, UK.

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